Ten Best Practices of Postcard Marketing

Using the Ten Best Practices of Postcard Marketing each and every time you send a mailing will help ensure that you drive more traffic, stronger, more connected customer relationships, and a more profitable bottom line. If what you are eager to do is increase the rate of response from your postcard marketing, put these ten practices in place:

1. An Amazing Headline

The success of your entire marketing mail rests on the headline. Use direct language that makes your unique selling proposition clear. Posing a question or commanding the reader to perform an action are great attention-grabbers, or use language to suggest your mail is heralding the arrival of something new or unique.

2. About You

There are many ways to let the reader understand more about what your company is and what it stands for, but the most important things to keep in mind is to be concise and have a focused message. Make it clear what makes your company different, your unique selling point.

3. Authenticity and Trust

Include elements that help the reader to trust and believe your statements. Consider what the prospect would want from your company (e.g. longevity, high previous sales record, proof of happy customers, etc.) and deliver it to them as part of your message.

4. Competitive Advantages

Your potential clients will be considering similar products from your competitors. Show them why choosing YOUR COMPANY is the best play; whether you are cheaper/faster/more attentive, there is always something that you do better than your competitors. Play up these strengths and make them a big part of your postcard.

5. Include Testimonials or References

Authentic, believable testimonials from previous customers or industry figureheads have been shown to play a big part in convincing prospects to buy. Add them into your postcard in a tasteful but prominent manner.

6. Offer a Guarantee

A great way to brush aside prospects’ last minute doubts is to offer a guarantee. Think of the things your prospects might hesitate over and offer a cast-iron guarantee ensuring them that it won’t happen or they’ll get their money back.

7. Offer a Promise

The flip side to the guarantee, show the reader how their life will be changed by your excellent product or service. Make the promise big and bright and help them to visualize the many benefits of choosing your offer.

8. Elicit an Emotional Response

Your postcard’s response will go through the roof when you can get an emotional response from your reader. Whether that is laughter, shock, compassion or joy, studies show that advertisements make a much bigger impact when you can pull those heart strings.

9. Special Offers

Offering free items or enticing terms is the carrot that gets the reader to move and act. That additional extra free item is often all it takes to tip the scales from interested to buyer.

10. Deadlines

If special offers are the carrot, setting a hard deadline is the stick that forces the reader to make a move. Setting a deadline is an important part of any successful postcard.

Build as many of these ten best practices of postcard marketing naturally into your mailings to see the best return on your investment and feel free to visit us at PostcardsPLUS.com and our postcards for every industry page to learn more today.

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